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Une agréable journée! Clarisse is the name I go by. I'm 19 and an Accountancy Student. Mula sa Perlas ng Silangan!




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  5 years with my love.
I have loved you since I was fourteen.
You were sweet, charming and confident.
I know I was too young at that time
But who can tell when somebody fall in love?

You made the move first, I knew it was mutual.
It was fresh and sweet, full of love and passion.
But I was afraid of my parents knowing about us.
Then I thought, they won't get mad if they do not know.

It might be wrong keeping a secret to my parents
But I was just a young lady, exploring her freedom.
We did nothing but exchange messages, talk about things.
Things that mattered to me, to you, and even to us.

Come our 5th year together, you stayed by my side.
We waited for the right time to tell our parents about us.
The time when I turned 16, you met my Mother.
And it is surprising how supportive they are.

Now, I want to express my gratitude and love.
Thank you for fighting for us, for keeping the fire.
Sorry, for what I did that hurt you, it's not my intention
I love you, and I will always do, babe.

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  It's been a while...

   Hi loves!!✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ I've been away for too long I guess, well truth be told, I've been busy with school and it's really stressing me out! Too many special occasions have passed that I really, really want to share here but I am too lazy to gather photos and stuff. (─‿‿─)

So here's a quick catch up: I've been into calligraphy and lettering stuff (btw, I'm not in anyway artistic so I really am having a hard time, I just enjoy doing it). Me and my boyfriend celebrated our 5th year anniversary last March heehee (I'll write a separate post for it because it's so special to me (≧◡≦) ) . Aaaaand, I've been trying out whitening lotions and soaps lately. I want to share my opinion some other time. :)

And it's summer time in our country already, time flies so fast, seems like yesterday when I posted our beach trip! Well this year, I'm hoping for more fun and adventure! I'll try to update more often since it's out vacation already. Thanks for reading! Paalam!


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  Gloomy Weather

♥ Hi Everyone! I'm currently hooked to this book I have mentioned, Eleanor & Park. I never thought I would like it this much! I am halfway through it so I won't say anything much about the book for now. I will just write a new post after reading it. Buuuuut, I can't help but post the upper picture where Park thought Eleanor wasn't nice... My heart is breaking! ughhh I feel bad for her. But atleast Park stood up for her. now stop self, I'm saying too much already. sooooo, yeap, I'll write a review some other time. Paalam!


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  19th birthday

Hi everyone! It's my birthday last Sunday, and I just want to share some of the photographs I took which includes the chocolate-filled balloons and HBD balloons! Also, my cousin compiled my photographs as a kid and made my eyes tear a little thinking about how old I am already. Huhu wanna be 18 forever! Anyways, I hope you have a great week ahead! Though the weather's a bit gloomy in our place. 

I have a new book to read, it's Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park. I haven't started reading it yet. My boyfriend gave it to me. I'll post my thoughts about the book some other time ❤😊 
Also, as seen up above, the photographs I was telling that my cousin compiled for me. I really cannot believe how tine flies so fast! But these photographs made me want to capture more and post them here because of how powerful they are. They bring back so much feels and memories! I love theeeem.

 And of couuurse, my birthday solos! Thank you to everyone who made me happ that day. Hoping for another year full of adventures. 


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Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted, and well, if you read my last post, I said that i got a new white pup named Snow Ball. I loved that dog so much but sad to say, my lovely puppy passed away last July 14. I didn't know what happened, he just puked blood then died. It really broke my heart. I miss him everyday I even cried so hard as of i lose a person. So I promised myself to buy a new dog who look just like him someday.

By the way, I really want to share to you the photographs I took, saddly, my PC isn't working! The freaking monitor won't show a thing. We brought it to the technician tho. For now, I am using my iPad. And am really having a hard time posting photos so I have just decided to post them when my PC is working. I will post some of the photographs of Snow here to keep him in my life. Ugh I am still sad. I even sang to him the "Soft Kitty" song of Sheldon  on The Big Bang Theory. I just changed Soft Kitty to soft Snowy. 😭😭😭😭😭

So that's it, I just posted to let you know I am still up. Teehee. Thanks for reading tho, come and feel free to say something at the tagboard. It will be really appreciated. Thanks!


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  What's up
Hi guuuuys. I've been busy with all the stuff since I had this transition from summer job to school. Yup we started school last June 7 and I've been doing a lot lately since I'm already in 3rd year of college. (Weehoo!) so I have decided to just compile what is new and what I've been up to.

❤tried 2 more flavors of Juice Avenue as promised in my previous post! Ripe Mango and Water melon!
❤ also tried the 4 whopper cheese of Burger King. Kanyaman!
❤ Decorated my room with tons of butterflies and lights!
❤ Got a new white pup! Named him Snow!

❤ latest selfies of me and my hair. Which I colored red and isn't obvious with these pictures :(

❤ Groufies with my friends at school.

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Hi everyone! I've been a bit busy since I am currently working~ lol. Actually it's only a summer job, our local government has this program for students every summer. We work 20 days per summer time.

So anyway, yesterday, my cousins Roselyn and Alyssa slept in our place. Roselyn and I have 7-month-gap and almost 4 years with Alyssa. But hell, Alyssa thinks and acts older than me and Roselyn. Actually, I am the eldest but I act like I'm the youngest. Lol. But seriously, I love these girls so much. Actually we cut our hair together. Laughing at each other's reaction while in the salon. And we've watched the whole twilight series too. We had our foodtrip and we called that night "Cousins night". It was so much fun. Hopefully, before classes begin, we'll be able to have 2 more cousins night.

Nuff blabbering, that afternoon, we walked from our house to the memorial garden-approx. 4km, yep. That far.- we visited our beloved grand father, tang. Here are the photos. Our groufies are not quite in fine quality, because we used my front camera. 😊

The legend~ lol
Alyssa- wearing the maroon shirt
Me- the grey one
Roselyn- uhm, light mint green, eh?

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